A Documentary Serie by Humberto Ramos and Nuno Sá

Situated at the extreme Western part of the European Continent, Portugal, even though small in dimension, is the country in Europe with the largest biodiversity. Its territory includes a continental area and three island archipelagos – the Azores, the Berlengas and Madeira. It has an immersed area of 35 556.147 Square Miles (92 090 km2) and a submersed Continental Platform rising from 666 955.957 Square Miles (1 727 408 km2) to about 1 544 408.634 Square Miles (4 000 000 km2), (the request for enlargement of the Continental Plat- form is currently under approval by the United Nations), meaning 97% of the total Portuguese area is the sea. From the North to the South of Portugal, never forgetting the very rich biodiversity in Madeira and the Azores, most species portrayed in this documentary series, are emblematic and charismatic, many of them in critical extinction dan- ger, others more common species, but with captivating “stories” to tell.



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