A feature film by Bruno de Almeida

Drama / EUA-Portugal / 2018 / 94 minutos / 35 mm-DCP – cor / 5


Bennie Gaza is the owner of Cabaret Maxime, a nightclub in an old red-light district, where a group of colorful performers create musical acts, burlesque numbers and strip tease. Bennie runs the cabaret like a tight family, dealing with each artist’s unique personality and taking care of his performer wife Stella who suffers from manic depression. When the once decadent neighborhood starts to become gentrified, Bennie struggles to keep his club afloat. As the residents are being bought up and forced out, Benny is violently threatened when he refuses to sell out. The pressure builds to a dramatic climax as Benny is forced to take a stand against the powers that be.


Director:  Bruno de Almeida

Producers: Bruno de Almeida, Michael Imperioli, Jason Klot

Coproducers: Diogo Varela Silva, João Figueiras

Production: BA Filmes (PT)

Coproduction: Open City Filmes (EUA), Archangela Productions (EUA), Blackmaria Produção Audiovisual (PT)

Script: Bruno de Almeida, John Frey

Cinematography: Liza Rinzler

Editing: Pedro Ribeiro, Bruno de Almeida

Sound: Pedro Melo, Miguel Martins

Music: Manuel João Vieira

Cast: Michael Imperioli, Ana Padrão, David Proval, John Ventimiglia, Drena De Niro, Nick Sandow, Mike Starr, John Frey, Selma Uamusse, Celeste Rodrigues, Manuel João Vieira, Suzie Peterson, Meital Dohan, Phil Mendrix, Sharon Angela

Financed by:  Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA) / Secretaria de Estado da Cultura, RTP , (Portuguese Television) Open City (USA).

World Premiere: May 31, 2018


2018 Grand Prix Caminhos do Cinema Film Festival, Coimbra