Double CD: Documentary + Music Album


This edition is commemorative of the 90th anniversary of the fado singers Dean, Celeste Rodrigues. With this album and documentary we pay a deserved tribute to one of the most remarkable voices of fado still active nowadays. This Fado record, intends to transmit all the feelings and emotions felt by someone who spent all of her life singing them. The traditional music of Lisbon is revisited by someone who has been around to see all the changes Fado has gone through for the past 90 years. She gives the history of Fado in each word she sings. In each of those words we understand the strength of the message of the poets who wrote these lyrics. She portrays Fado in each phrase in each moment of silence, because words can’t keep secrets from someone who has lived them.

PEDRO PINHAL – Classic guitar
PEDRO AMENDOEIRA – Portuguese guitar
PAULO PAZ – Bass guitar

Executive producer: DIOGO VARELA SILVA
Produced by: LUIS VARATOJO
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: LUIS DELGADO
Musical direction: PEDRO PINHAL

A film directed and produced by: DIOGO VARELA SILVA

Edited by: Blackmaria Produção Audiovisual
(C) 2013 Blackmaria, Portugal
(P) 2013 Diogo Varela Silva, Portugal
Fotografia de capa – João Tuna TNSJ