A feature film by Diogo Varela Silva

The progress is the curse that hangs over the old alleyways of Alfama, the neighbourhood as we know it is dead. Tourists, housing speculation, surveillance cameras and police came to silence the old popular hollerings. But Alfama was reborn from the ashes, the neighbourhood cannot die! And Fado is the same, it also cannot die! The film follows seven stories of death and rebirth of this old neighbourhood. Together, it is just one story: that of an intricate network of people, culture and tradition, to which no other name serves better than Alfama Itself.

Cast: Ana Moura, Camané, Kátia Guerreiro, José Raposo, Ricardo Ribeiro, Márcia Breia, Pedro Caeiro, Rão Kyao, Celeste Rodrigues, Isac Graça, São José Lapa





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